Safeguarding Handbook

The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Handbook  forms the safeguarding policy and procedures for churches from the Union of Welsh Independents, Baptist Union of Wales and the Presbyterian Church of Wales

The handbook takes you step by step through:

  • Our statement of Intent (Section 1)
  • Safer recruitment and selection procedures (including DBS checks)(Section 2)
  • Working with Children and Young People and how to respond to concerns (Section 3)
  • Working with Vulnerable Adults and how to respond to concerns (Section 4)
  • Pastoral Care (Section 5)
  • There are forms and information that will help you to put the policies into practice in (Sections 6&7)

To download a copy of the handbook please click the link  Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Handbook

This handbook was launched in January 2014 and replaces “For the Sake of Our Children”.

It includes updated information on safer recruitment of volunteers and DBS checks and guidelines on working with children and vulnerable adults.

It contains information on what to do if you have a concern about an individual or situation. (See also advice and support)


Policy statement

We are fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of our members and those entrusted to our care. Members of the church, paid staff and volunteers will show respect to others, promote the ethos of listening to children and vulnerable people and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the principles of the Christian church.

The church will care for children and young people, and vulnerable adults and safeguard them by following good practices in relation to the following:

  • Safer Recruitment  
  • Promoting good working practices
  • Training and supporting our workers in their role and in the protection of children and vulnerable people 



Click here to see the Safeguarding Poster that goes with the handbook. If you would like a copy of the A3 poster please contact our office

 A leaflet is also available. Click here or contact us for more details


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